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Rural Resilient Neighbourhoods

ResiliencePilot program kicks off in Roberts Creek!

“To transform the world, everyone needs to be at the table.”

Roberts Creek Resilient Neighbourhoods is a pilot project to build community resilience and strengthen connections right where people live.  Small grants have been awarded to 4 neighbourhoods in Roberts Creek to help them host a gathering or community activity that can include enjoying shared meals, arts & cultural activities, ‘Placemaking‘ projects, or community discussions to identify local needs and resources.
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That’s right – this pilot project’s goal is to help Roberts Creek residents to get together with & get to know their neighbours!  Because there is oodles of evidence that shows that when communities have strong connections, they are healthier, happier, and have greater capacity to deal with change and challenge. That’s the foundation of resiliency.

In a Resilient Neighbourhood, people who live close to each other often enjoy fun social events together, share resources such as tools and skills, help each other during emergencies, and put their heads together to solve neighbourhood issues or collaborate on projects.  It all starts with neighbours simply connecting and getting to know each other a little better.  And that’s where we can help!

If you’d like to build community and resilience in your neighbourhood, join our mailing list to learn more.

We will send you excellent resources to get your started on the path towards resiliency, and keep you posted on local resiliency events. If you live in Roberts Creek, stay tuned for our next call for small grant proposals in the new year!

Check out these photo collages from our first two neighbourhood gatherings:

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Learn more:

Building Resilient Neighbourhoods – a collaborative effort to help create resilient neighbourhoods across British Columbia.

Characteristics of a Resilient Community Checklist – how resilient is your community?

Resilient Streets Toolkit – great ideas for what you can do in your neighbourhood, like Transition Streets!

Have questions? Contact coordinator Naomi Fleschhut:

This pilot project is made possible thanks to the support of our partners:


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