Sunshine Coast in Transition

Transition Connection for the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada

Local Groups

The following is a partial (and growing) list of local groups that are contributing to a resilient, sustainable future on the Sunshine Coast:



  • Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast – (TraC) – Advocates and assists with the prioritizing, planning and delivery of alternative transportation initiatives and a multi-modal transportation network throughout the Sunshine Coast.
  •  Share-There Ride Share– a new social enterprise created right here on the Sunshine Coast is being launched and tested in “beta”.  A beta test is when you first let an application out into the real world and see how it does. There will be a few bumps along the road as we work to improve the system. Sign up to start sharing free rides! You can also buy or sell event tickets.  Please tell us what you think so we can make it better.  Phone Michelle at 604-741 3359 or email:
  • Coast Car Co-op – members have access to a diverse and growing fleet of cars on the Sunshine Coast.  Memberships are open to individuals and businesses that want to pay only when they use cars, rather than carry unnecessary burden of ownership.

Media Awareness Raising:

  • Green Films – Hosted by the Gibsons Green Team and Sustainable Coast Magazine, a  project of the Sunshine Coast Film Society. Dedicated to using film as a tool for community engagement on environmental & sustainability issues. They create screening events fostering the role of film as a catalyst for dialogue, networking and action. This partnership was instrumental in the forming of  Sunshine Coast in Transition.


  • Permaculture Design  A vessel for ecological outreach permaculture education.
  • The Jellyfish Project – The Jellyfish Project is an educational initiative focused on generating awareness among youth about the declining health of our world’s oceans and our environment at large. Through the power of music and live performance, students are engaged into the environmental conversation and are given information on how to become active participants in the sustainability movement.


  • Ruby Lake Lagoon Society – Their purpose is to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon, to facilitate local environmental education and to assist in monitoring the ecological health of the region.
  • Sunshine Coast Conservation Association – a volunteer organization representing over 30 local conservation and community groups, plus individual members dedicated to protecting the biodiversity and integrity of our air, water, forests and marine environment for all time.
  • The Future of Howe Sound Society – a not-for-profit society devoted to preserving the natural beauty and important ecosystem found in Howe Sound, BC
  • Elphinstone Logging Focus – protecting key forests and habitat to conserve ecosystems, support recreation, tourism and community enjoyment.

Visioning A Future:

  • – A site dedicated to action for a sustainable future for the Sunshine Coast.

Other Links:

  • Friends of Forage Fish – Volunteer group which collects spawning data to establish whether or not our beaches are valuable spawning habitats for smelt or sand lance.
  • Gibsons Recyling  – committed to a healthy environment.  Recycling, helpful tips, webpage and much more.
  • Deer Crossing the Art Farm – the art farm is a growing movement of people who believe creativity grounded by nature leads to powerful change in their lives and community.  Current projects include the Synchronicity Festival and The Reach Initiative.
  • Voice – a group supportive of the Sunshine Coast becoming a more attractive, exciting and viable place for young people and families to live.

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