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Inner Transition


Watch the  Video here: Sophy Banks talking about Inner Transition – filmed and interviewed by Dana Wilson.

Looking at the inner workings of humanity at this time in history and in light of climate change, peak oil, war and other intense aspects of modern life Transition is a movement with something for everyone. Inspired to be part of the solution, many people are stepping up the challenge of coming together in groups to support changes to their lives, neighbourhoods and communities including shifts in local government and economics. Inspiring the ‘Inner Transition’ wing of the Transition movement, Sophy Banks is a therapist and councillor who has brought her exceptional experience to support peoples process of moving through the Transition.

Sophy Banks

video : Dana Wilson

envoy : Delvin Solkinson
Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage Team : Kym Chi and Annaliese Hordern

special thanks to Leonie Croy


Inner Transition is an initiative of the grass roots Transition Town movement and refers to the inner process that each of us experiences as we make a transition from an oil dependent existence to a more self-sustaining and locally resilient life.  As Sophie Banks from Transition Town Totnes explains: “Inner Transition …is about supporting the invisible bits of the process of change – what happens on the inside between the wake up call and the bit where people start to do stuff differently.”

Often this “inner” transition includes uncomfortable or challenging feelings such as hopelessness, helplessness, numbness and despair.  As we become more aware of the shifts we need to make in our lives, we also become increasingly aware of the devastation, challenges and pain that exist in the world, on a community and global level.

As Sunshine Coast In Transition, it is our belief that if we are able to voice and express some of these inner transition challenges and emotions in a safe receptive environment then we can transform this pain into positive, healing actions.

The first Inner Transition group took place in Gibsons on Sunday September 22nd, 2013.  Intended as a follow-up support for the film More Than Honey (shown in Gibsons by the Green Film Society Sept 16, 2013), the group focused on some of the feelings that people experienced as a result of viewing the plight of the honeybee in the world.  We also brainstormed ways we could make a small difference in regards to supporting the lives of the honeybee in our own yards and in our community.

The intention of this Inner Transition group will be to meet on a regular basis so that people will have an opportunity to talk about their particular “inner” transition process.  In doing so it is our hope that people will feel more connected to others who are going through a similar journey and transformation.

Please go to our events page for upcoming Inner Transition events and meetings.

Sophy Banks reflecting on sustainabiliy from an Inner Transiton perspective 


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