Sunshine Coast in Transition

Transition Connection for the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada


Feb 11, 2017

Two different online platforms designed to promote the sharing economy are open for beta testing:
The Sunshine Coast Skills Exchange
This is a directory for offering and finding skills, services, and mentoring. One can use it for long term collaborations, or just a few minutes of Micro-consulting. The Sunshine Coast Skills Exchange supports Business, Non-profit, and Personal projects.

Put your knowledge to good use. Find the skills and mentoring you need. Build your
team. Make projects happen!

This project is the evolution of Robin Chauhan’s timebank from 2016.  We
moved towards a web-based, payment-neutral directory.

You can agree to exchange skills for conventional payment, but we encourage
you to consider alternatives such as the Timebank, Barter, Volunteer, Sliding scale
…and many more. See Payment Types for more

Sunshine Coast Real Estate Co-Buy Network

Buying property together with like-minded local folks could make ownership a reality for more families on the coast. But finding the right people, with compatible lifestles, resources, and vision isn’t easy. This FREE service can help. is still in beta testing please try it out and answer the programmer’s survey. Your answers will help design it! (Takes about 2 mins):

Please share both of these with those you think will be inspired!

Thank you!

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