Sunshine Coast in Transition

Transition Connection for the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada

About SCiT

Introduction to Sunshine Coast in Transition:

Sunshine Coast in Transition (SCiT) is a group of volunteers on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, who are inspired toward positive action by the global Transition Network which began in 2006 with the formation of Transition Town Totnes in Southern England.

We are an Initiating Group at this stage. Our work is to kick start the Transition process, acting as early pioneers who network and lay solid foundations. We start the core activities, such as:

  • Building partnerships;
  • Raising awareness about peak oil and climate change; and
  • Visioning a positive future.

Once we have the criteria to become an Official Transition movement, we will plan a community-wide Unleashing and then hand the reins over to a core group consisting of representatives from at least four project groups.

SCiT Mission:

Sunshine Coast in Transition is part of a global network that inspires us all to imagine and create a vibrant future that has alternatives to fossil fuels. We embrace building local resilience which is ecologically sustainable while nurturing and celebrating our community.

Long-term Goals:

The Sunshine Coast in Transition Initiative is based on a dedication to a tangible, clearly expressed and practical vision for our community. These are our core beliefs:

  • We used immense amounts of creativity, ingenuity and adaptability on the way up the energy upslope, and there’s no reason for us not to do the same on the down slope.
  • If we collectively plan and act early enough there is every likelihood that we can create a way of living that’s significantly more connected, more vibrant and more in touch with our environment than the oil-addicted treadmill we find ourselves on today.

Our local Transition Initiative is intended to act as a sort of “glue” between other groups in the region who are focused on resilience and sustainability, and as a bridge between our community and other Transition Initiatives around the world, providing a common, inclusive channel for building awareness and taking action toward the kind of future that we envision.

Here is a partial list of the topics which our Transition movement hopes to address, either directly or through other groups within the community:

  • Food Resilience – permaculture and other agricultural issues
  • Transportation alternatives
  • Energy alternatives
  • Business & Economics – local sources, local currencies
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Inner Transition

How to get involved:

See our Local Groups and Events pages to learn about the many great activities that are already happening in our community, and to reach out to contacts whose initiatives resonate with you.

See our Resources page to learn about a wide range of topics surrounding sustainability and resilience.

Visit the Transition Network website to be inspired by the growing web of positive action that is spanning our globe today! For a brief introduction to the goals of this network, you can visit our Transition 101 page.


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