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The Sunshine Coast in Transition (SCiT) website is intended as a hub for local activities relating to the global Transition Network. It is our hope that this growing movement, through this website and numerous activities on the Sunshine Coast, will help to bring together everyone on the Sunshine Coast who feels inspired to envision and create a positive future for our community — and to have fun doing it!!

Check the About page for a brief overview of our local initiative to date: the mission, goals and purpose as defined by our initiating group. Visit the Transition 101 page for a brief introduction to the global Transition Network, and visit our other pages (currently under development) to learn more about activities and events that are taking place within our community, as organized by either the Transition team or one of the many local groups who are focused on sustainability and resilience.

Check back often over the next while, and please let us know how we can improve the site.  Are we missing something important that is going on in our community?!

Upcoming Events for spring 2018

  • Free Workshop! “Planning a Seed Saving Garden”  February 24th 10:30am – 12:00pm at the Gibsons & District Public Library.  Presented by the Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective.  Click here for details
  • SEEDY SATURDAY   Saturday March 3rd, Roberts Creek and Masonic Halls 1309 Roberts Creek Rd.  Talks start at 9:30am in Masonic Hall.  Robert Creek Hall opens at 11am – 4pm.
    Got Seeds to Swap? Please join the Sunshine Coast Seed Saving Collective Seed Exchange table in the Masonic Hall.
    9:30am – 10:00am “Designing Fruit & Nut Tree Guilds for abundance” with guest speaker Laura Walker.  Learn how to create or enhance forest garden ecosystems that offer an abundance of diverse crops including food, medicine & fertilizers. Discover energy saving techniques while maximizing growing space in your garden! Laura Walker is a designer working with Gaia’s Guild Ecological & Edible Landscaping.  She has been the coordinator of the Ocean Vegetables Community Garden in Sechelt for two years and has contributed her knowledge to the Kitsilano Community Centre Gardens and the Roberts Creek Community Garden. Her learnings stem from permaculture, organic master gardening, biodynamics and their roots in indigenous cultures both local and global.
    10:00am – 10:45am “Growing for Seed”  with guest speaker Rupert Adams.  Rupert has been growing food, medicinal herbs and their seeds for 15 years.  He works with Salt Spring Seeds, is VP of the Salt Spring Seed Sanctuary and runs the medicinal herb business Kairos Botanicals.  Rupert was the coordinator and national training advisor of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security.
  • TRANSITION LAUNCH Live Online Training Course March 29th – May 17th Eight Thursdays 2:00-3:30pm EDT.  Cost: US $60-180.  Many of the skills of Transition are very ‘transferable’ to projects and businesses in a cooperative, co-creative world which is where all the opportunity is occurring today.  This course will be highly beneficial for anyone currently engaged in or wanting to start building resilience in their local community and beyond. This kind of activism can take many forms, including: Transition Towns, Permaculture, Local Food, Renewable Energy, New economy, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Emergency Preparedness, and more!  For more information & Registration for this limited space event:
  • PERMACULTURE Design Free Activation Day; Gardening & Food Forestry.  Tour gardens and natural spaces with a group of like minded people while exploring Permaculture design methods, strategies and techniques for gardening or food forestry. Instructors Delvin Solkinson and Kym Chi.  Details and registration:
    • March 17 Pender Harbour
    • April 8 Squamish
    • April 14 Bowen Island
    • May 13 Roberts Creek
    • May 19 Burnaby

To find out about our events, sign up for our monthly Transition Sunshine Coast newsletter  …….contact us

Sunshine Coast in Transition Project/Interest Groups:

FOOD: We collaborate with the Food Group/One Straw Society

NEIGHBOURHOOD: To apply or read about Transition Streets project   Visit Education page here

Roberts Creek Rural Resilient Neighbourhoods here

CURRENCY: Sunshine Coast Skills Exchange The Sunshine Coast Skills Exchange is now open for beta testing and feedback.  Put your knowledge to good use.  Find the skills and mentoring you need.  Build your team.  Make projects happen! Check it out.

ENERGY: The non-profit Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association is continuing to pursue several initiatives, from a bulk buy of solar panels and accessories, to education, to a possible partnership with SD46 that may lead to arrays on school roofs. Visit their new website:


Check out these short videos by Core Team member & film maker, Dana Wilson:

Beginning Transition
New to Transition? Here is a short and inspirational sharing about how to get started! Rob Hopkins was a visionary permaculture teacher who helped co-found the Transition Movement. With his brilliant positivity he encourages everyone to practice ‘engaged optimism’, coming together in practical and activated ways to build the healthy and resilient communities of the future.

robClick here for Video: Beginning Transition/Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins
Film produced by Dana Wilson Permaculture Design   Envoy : Delvin Solkinson    Special thanks to Leonie Croy, SCiT

 Another new Gaiacraft Micro-Video as of July 2106:

Visionary Transition with Sophy Banks
Watch in HD :
Transition offers a vision of a future abundant with health and happiness for people, communities and the world civilization. It imagines a world where we have successfully redesigned our relationships, industry and society to resolve problems of peak oil, climate change and war. Here Sophy Banks talks about some of the visionary aspects of Transition. Sophy Banks background as a therapist sharing healing, support and family counselling bring a rich skill set to the Transition movement. She guides and supports groups and individuals to work through the processes and relationships involved in the transition of peoples lives and involvement in the Transition movement.

People in Need
With a world in turmoil there is mass migration of refugees out of areas without safety and support for their populations. Thousands each day make their way to other countries like Greece and Germany, seeking to create a new life for themselves and their families. Here Sophy Banks shares perspectives from Transition about populations of great need. Sophy Banks is one of the co-founders of the “Heart and Soul” group of Transition Town Totnes, which addresses the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Transition.

Click here for video: People in Need/Sophy Banks

Video : Dana Wilson   Envoy : Delvin Solkinson
Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage Team : Kym Chi and Annaliese Hordern   Permaculture Design   Special thanks to Leonie Croy


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